The Diogenes Taborda Museum of Graphic and Written Humor was created the 21st of September in 2003 by the Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation with the objective of organizing both solo and collaborative regular temporary exhibitions in museums, cultural centers, universities, and high schools around the world that are interested in learning about the art of international graphic humor.

The Diogenes Museum has a personnel structure capable of completing and developing the goals and objectives defined in its mission, as well as following the laws that protect national patrimony, the national and international recommendations about the protection of both moveable and immoveable cultural objects, and the ethical rules and responsibilities of professional behavior. The Museum has diverse teams of consultants composed of well-known people in the cultural and business environment. Its current director, Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens, is responsible for the promotion, coordination, and execution of the plans and programs of the Museum, and this year for taking a new creative direction by realizing a series of thematic exhibitions in his building and a series of traveling exhibitions in different cultural spaces.

The museum’s collection is continually growing thanks to the new donations year after year by artists participating in the Diogenes Taborda International Salon, which is organized annually by the Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation and to the donation of works by institutions, artists, and collectors from both Argentina and around the world.

To execute temporary exhibitions, the functions of the Diogenes Taborda school, and cultural promotion activities within the museum outlined in the policies and plans 2009 / 10 designed to aid the museum in achieving global recognition.
To achieve this goal, it is important that the Diogenes Taborda Museum also carries out artistic activities outside of the building in order to contribute to the national and Mercosur cultures in places that lack museums or cultural centers.

-In the long term achieve greater name recognition.
-Generate greater public knowledge of the Diogenes Taborda Museum’s activities to provide strong educational support to the community.
-Collaborate with other national and/or international organizations which are interested in the development of our cultural project.

PROJECT 2009/10

-In the selected activities for 2009/10, the Diogenes Taborda Museum will continue its second phase of diffusion and promotion, initiated by the management of Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens, who is accompanied in the execution this year by Hilary Thorsen, to achieve international recognition as an institution within the area of graphic humor.
-In the course of 2009/10,the Temporary Exhibition Room in the MUSEUM DIOGENES TABORDA / VOLPE STESSENS CULTURAL FOUNDATION will organize 10 group or individual exhibitions of works that the museum exclusively owns.
-To continue with the Graphic Humor workshops for children begun in November 2004 by the artist Daniel Ayala (Selene) in his studio.
-To develop the Itinerant Diogenes Taborda School of Graphic Humor project for adults, including the handicapped and senior citizens.
-To sign agreements of cooperation with the Secretary of Social Development and other private, state, national, or international organizations to create itinerant humor workshops for the handicapped, retired, and families without economic resources.
-To issue a book in homage of the artist Diogenes Taborda together with the realization of the 14th Diogenes Taborda Exhibition.

Outside the museum, a 100% increase in exhibitions with respect to 2008 is projected with an average of 10-15 exhibitions per year.


In 2009/10 in 7 different locations where works from our collection are exhibited, the following will be taught:

-Seminars on the History of Graphic Humor
-Courses and workshops on Graphic and Written Humor
-Guided visits with artist participation

They will be taught on a voluntary basis by well-known professionals in each area and enrollment will be free with minimal fees.

Director: Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens
Secretary of Direction: Jorge Hoggen